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Is Your Car Ready for Winter?

With Autumn in the air, us here at Big Bear Auto Repair can't help but think about the upcoming winter season. Some tourists might be thinking about their first trip to the ski slopes. While Big Bear residents are probably setting up arrangements for firewood deliveries, disconnecting outside water hoses, or running their heater after not using it all summer.

But what about your vehicle? With our busy schedules and everything else going on in life, sometimes we can forget about getting our vehicles ready for the snowy months. For instance, think about changing your windshield wipers, adding low temperature washing fluid, checking your coolant levels, and making sure your battery and alternator are working properly.

How are your tires looking? If they're still in good shape, you may want to set up an appointment for a rotation. If your tires look like they may be at the end of their life cycle, talk to us about ordering you a set of winter or all terrain tires.

While you're inspecting your tires, take a look at last season's snow cables. A broken snow cable can be a nuisance, making you late for work or causing you to slide all over the road. But did you know a broken cable can cause serious damage to your vehicle? Every season, we see dozens of broken brake lines from old or poor quality traction devices. A broken traction device can also damage fenders, rims, and even suspension or steering components... causing the customer hundreds of dollars in repairs, and sometimes thousands.

Give us a call to make an appointment for

any of your winterization needs.

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